Yacht Chartering in Singapore for a Kids Birthday Party

Yacht Chartering in Singapore for Birthday Party

A yacht birthday party on a Singapore yachting trip is sure to be the most memorable event for all of your friends and family members. Although there s quite a maximum number of people you are able to invite for the yacht birthday party, you might find that you do have some additional space. If you do have additional space on board, why not consider engaging someone to jazz up your celebration? One of the absolute best ways to really liven up any party is to add a good selection of music specifically tailored for this occasion. Music is almost universally accepted as one of the key elements in any sort of party and when it comes to a yacht birthday party this is certainly true.

Yacht Chartering in Singapore for a Kids Birthday Party

Although you might think that having BBQ food on a Singapore yacht would be out of your league, you really have very little choice in this regard. After all, if you are going to have BBQ food on board then you would also have to have onboard entertainment and you can’t go wrong with singing and dancing performances by professional belly dancers. In fact, belly dancing has been a staple of many Singaporean folk dances for years and many of these belly dancers can be found performing their routines throughout Singapore and nearby regions. You can always find local groups of this type performing at regular events or you could always request some local talents from the people you are acquainted with in your area.

Having BBQ food on board will be an absolute hoot! Of course, you can always find a great set of knives to cut up whatever it is you like but there really is nothing like the smell of hot dogs and BBQ food cooking on the water. You may be surprised but there are some lovely restaurants on most of Singapore’s major islands where you can sit back, relax, and watch as the chef prepares your meal. Some yachts have more than one chef, so if the chef malfunctions, you can call for back up almost instantly. Most yachts now come with a full kitchen on board to ensure that nothing is missed and that every course is completed to your exacting standards.

Singapore is an island nation that is located in Southeast Asia. Most of its population is Christian, although the rest is Muslims and has a relatively small number of Buddhists. Regardless, Singapore has a thriving nightlife and a large number of residents that are avid fans of music events. For this reason, there are many live music shows and DJ’s at most bars and restaurants around Singapore. While these DJs may not be able to provide you with top quality sound, they will definitely keep your spirits high as you enjoy your birthday party with your loved ones.

If your kids have never been on a yacht to see a show, you should know that most of them will enjoy such an experience. The water, beautiful view and music just will not stop. As you rent a yacht for your birthday celebration in Singapore, you can invite all of your friends to come along and enjoy the fun. There are no special age restrictions for hiring a yacht for your children’s birthday celebration in Singapore so everyone can join in the fun.

A popular choice for a yacht rental in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands if you are looking for a beautiful and picturesque skyline and breathtaking views of the city. A good number of luxury yachts are housed at Marina Bay Sands and this location offers you breathtaking views of everything that Singapore has to offer. After spending time enjoying the various activities on the Singapore waterfront, you and your guests can head to the marina bay sands if you still want to enjoy Singapore city view. You can also enjoy shopping in the central business district of Singapore or eat out at any of the restaurants around the city. You can also enjoy all of the other activities that are available in the Marina Bay Sands as well as watching the fabulous sunsets.

Another popular choice for a yacht charter in Singapore is the East Coast Yacht Club in the Bishkem Island. If your budget allows it, this is a great choice as you will be able to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying the beauty of the island. When you hire a yacht for your special day, you and your guests can get yourselves kitted out with a wide range of amenities. The East Coast Yacht Club provides you with a private club deck that is available for private parties and events. You can also choose a private dock and an area in the boathouse for a romantic meal or even a sit down romantic candlelight dinner. For the most part, guests are welcomed into the club, where they can mingle with other guests whilst taking in the beautiful scenery of the East Coast.

If you are looking for a more secluded destination for your Singapore yacht birthday party, then you might want to consider the Grand Hyatt Singapore. The Grand Hyatt is one of the most well known hotels in Singapore, and many celebrities have graced its luxurious guest rooms throughout the years. In fact, the Hyatt Regency is a listed building, and there are two grand yachts situated on the Singapore River next to the hotel. It’s easy to see why guests love the Grand Hyatt, and if you book a Singapore yachts charter along with your trip, you can take advantage of complimentary breakfast each morning, so you won’t even have to worry about getting up to eat!