Fishing Boat Charter In Singapore With Specialties

Are you planning on going out on a fishing trip? You need to check the availability of fishing boat charters in Singapore first so that you would know where and how to hire one. You need not acquire a fishing license just so you can go out on recreational fishing in Singapore. There are many charter boats which are available to charter out there. All you have to do is to make sure that you check out the charter company that offers fishing charters in Singapore first and then choose one.

Fishing is fun and relaxing activity but at the same time it requires a lot of expertise and skill. If you want to engage in this kind of fishing, it would be best to go on a fishing boat charter so that you will not have to worry about anything. You can just sit back and relax while the captain and crew members work on your catch right in front of you. The whole experience would be extremely enjoyable for the both of you. You can invite your deep sea fishing neighbor to join you for lunch and have a good catch together at the end of your work week.

There are various fishing charters that operate out there. Some of the common charters are mentioned below. However, if you plan to go on any of these charters, it is imperative that you check out first whether the company has competent captains and crew that are capable of handling the boat and the vessel. Most of the captains and crew members of the companies are ex-service or military personnel who have the necessary skills and expertise to take care of the boat.

Whitehaven Marina Charters. The charter company here offers three different types of fishing boat. It offers a luxury liner, the Trader, and the cutter. All of these boats are well equipped with modern gadgets and equipments. The Trader is equipped with facilities such as refrigerator, food and beverage storage, AC system, and guest capacity of up to 200 people. This company also gives you the option to upgrade your guest capacity.

Ngee An. – This is an angling charter company that offers fishing experience to its guests. They offer three varieties of yachts including the Ngee Ee and Ngee San. The yachts here have been designed by some of the world class architects and have the highest standards of safety and comfort.

Ngee Ann. – This is another deep sea fishing boat charter in Singapore that offers an experience to its guests. This company also has a casino and a spa attached to it. The yachts here have spacious guest rooms and there are separate sleeping bays for each set of guests. The Ngee Ann is also one of the oldest companies here in Singapore with an interesting history.

Ngee Tai. – This is another fishing charter in Singapore with a variety of yachts. The Ngee Tai is basically a catamaran designed to cater to the needs of those who are planning a vacation on a deep-sea voyage. It is a floating resort with various amenities such as a gym and a restaurant. It also has separate swimming pools, spas, bars, and casinos. The Ngee Tai has a spacious guest room and there are separate showers and toilets.

The Ngee Ann catamaran has been sailing to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia since 1998. The vessel is capable of carrying up to forty guests. Fishing charters in Singapore with a crew of three may not be too many in number, but it will certainly make for a memorable vacation.