Experience Tropical Island Ambiance With a Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht Charter in Singapore – Experience Tropical Island Ambiance

Located off the coast of Southeast Asia, Singapore boasts a wide scattering of small islands. Surrounded by such a large scattering of small isles, Singapore is a perfect destination for a luxurious yacht charter. With Singapore hosting a number of prestigious yearly events like the Singapore Grand Prix, the annual Singapore Yacht Show and a number of other marquee events, there are certainly plenty of reasons to rent a luxury yacht charter in Singapore. Here are some of the top ones:

Experience Tropical Island Ambiance With a Luxury Yacht Charter

A destination exclusive for the rich and famous – Singapore is a popular destination not only for the rich and famous, but also for the super-rich. For those who want a taste of life on the rich side, Singapore offers the luxury of indulging in luxurious charter services from a variety of reputable companies. After all, it’s easy to set up an exclusive holiday destination with the right combination of location, accommodation and amenities.

Singapore is home to a diverse and rich cultural diversity. There are numerous small settlements on Singapore’s west coast, most of which are considered ethnic enclaves. A popular tourist town is the Little India, which is a unique multi-cultural haven consisting of restaurants, markets and boutiques. In addition to Little India, the region known as Singapore itself has its share of small settlements, towns and villages. To add some more cultural diversity to your trip to Singapore, why not take a boat ride down the famous Singapore River, one of the world’s longest. The view from here will definitely put you in a good mood to enjoy your luxury yacht charter in Singapore!

With Singapore being a relatively safe destination, a range of budget and standard hotels and hostels can be found to lodge tourists and businessmen. The best place to find good and cheap hotels and hostels is to look online. Luxury charter yachts available for hire in Singapore have various amenities and facilities including cable television, air conditioner, internet broadband, telephone, DVD player, safe and secure parking, bathroom amenities, telephone, private toilet and shower block, conference room, and a range of restaurants, bars and clubs for night life.

When choosing a luxury yacht charter in Singapore, you should consider the location, the number of guests to be taken on board, and the time of year that the charter is offered. Singapore’s premier destination offers a wide array of attractions for visitors, making it a top choice of people from all over the world. Singapore’s Marina Bay is home to the world’s largest Ferris wheel known as Singapore Wheels. This attraction can be enjoyed by guests of luxury yachts as they watch as thousands of people from around the world come to watch the Singapore Fly in to take part in the exciting race.

The charter yachts that are available for rent are generally larger than the traditional boats that most people are used to viewing. The vessels usually have between one to three bedrooms on board with private bathrooms. In addition, guests of luxury yacht charter will often find that the crew offers a full bar. Food is also offered in the steward’s kitchen. Most yachts normally provide maid service and live-in assistance.

Luxury charters that are chartered are much less expensive than taking a vacation at a popular resort. Yachting is more relaxing and offers more opportunity to see the area around the boat. When chartering a boat, the captain and crew will take the vessel through the ports that are most popular with tourists. The prices are typically cheaper and include dining in the dining room, breakfast and dinner, while on the water. However, local taxes will apply when returning to port to take advantage of local taxes.

Yacht charter companies offer corporate events such as cruises, parties and family vacations. Chartering a vessel is an affordable and efficient way to travel to different destinations. Corporate members are provided with a private boat for their use and the vessels are maintained by professional captains. Yachting makes for an affordable trip and allows guests to enjoy all that their trip to the tropical island paradise has to offer.