Celebrate Your Wedding Day With a Boat Party

Boat Party in Singapore

Sunday morning is half-time for Boat Party, Singapore’s most popular weekend get-together. This is where you find a boatload of international and local tourists gathered on a lake or at the riverfront for a wide array of games, food, drinks, and kiddie activities. What’s better about Boat Party is that it runs on a Sunday, which is the day when Singapore was first built. The music is a whoooole rattle as the music festivals draw near and the boat cruises are a spectacle to behold. I love this time of year for Boat Party.

Celebrate Your Wedding Day With a Boat Party

Boat Party is held on Sundays at a central location most often being the banks of the Sim Lim square area. This area is well connected by various public and private transportation means. It also has a wide variety of hotels and eateries in its vicinity that cater to the tastes and needs of tourists coming to Singapore. In short, Sunday morning is Singapore’s most popular day for boat party.

If you plan to organize a boat party in Singapore, you need to know your guests list entry requirements. Depending on what kind of event you are organizing, you may want to consider booking your event a bit in advance. This will ensure that your guests have an ample time to book place at one of the many fabulous Singapore hotels, or maybe get a good deal on their airfare and accommodations. If you are planning to have a boat party, be sure to ask if it is permissible to have a picnic on the water. Some restaurants may not allow your guests to bring their own picnic baskets so you might need to find a Singapore hotel or eatery that allows it. Also, make sure that the boat you rent has sufficient space for your guests to move around and socialize with each other.

When choosing where to anchor off the coast of Singapore, you should remember that some parts of Singapore are more exposed to the sun and therefore hotter than others. If you plan on having your boat party on a weekday, you should pick a location near the Sentosa Cove or the East Coast Parklands so that the sun does not reach the southern tip of the island. You could also anchor your vessel in the vicinity of Yacht Bay or just behind it on the same reef, where the beautiful blue water of the Andaman Sea flows.

For those of you who are into adventure, there are several sailing destinations you can choose from. But if you prefer to just party, you should go to one of the many nightclubs in Singapore’s downtown. These nightclubs offer open spaces to have dinner or drinks under the stars. The floating bars and nightclubs have indoor water slides, stage shows, video screens, karaoke and other games. You can get away from it all by taking a Singapore sailing tour.

There are several sailing tours available in the country. You can get yourself aboard one of them to experience the island nation’s history and its many activities. A Singapore sailing tour is the best option for people who want to experience a fun-filled trip around the island. The Singapore yacht party will be a night to remember for everyone.

For this special occasion, you can choose to charter a luxury sailing vessel like a liner or a cutter. Both are perfect for an elegant Singapore sunset yacht party. Your guests will have a wonderful time gazing at the sunset from the exquisitely designed decks. They can also go around the decks and watch as the stars start to set.

If you plan on making a day of it, you can do so by hiring a limousine. A luxury yacht charter is also ideal for a group of friends who want to share the fun. You can invite other tourists from the area to join you in celebrating this special occasion in a fancy boat rental. You can even arrange for a Singapore tour guide or an expert from the tourism agency to guide your guests around. With everything arranged, you can have a truly romantic and enjoyable Singapore sailing holiday.